I made this blog to meet other lesbians because tumblr has started to get boring for me I have 3 other dope pages which I'm not going to list this is my secret blog... Here you can talk about sex ,relationships porn, music & anything else I haven't listed all day, everyday ;) I post any and everything you can submit photos of yourself and etc , but this is mainly a discussion and answer board a place were we can find friends the name speaks for it self . Feel free to ask anything!!!!!!! NOW LETS MEET LESBIANS

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Hey I love your blog I meet my wonderful girlfriend on your blog We are. In a long-distance relationship and she's not answering her phone and I'm worried it's been 2 days . I know it's a long shoot but I know she's one of your followers and I just need her to see this and let me know somehow she's ok. Her name is jazmin and I love her I'm going crazy without her

You’ve made my day i’m happy you love the blog…Now Jazmin please answer your phone :) 

Hi ^.^ I am 16 from North Carolina lesbian i can't submit pictures because I'm on my phone but I have pictures on my blog :) I'm looking for new friends maybe a girlfriend kik: the_iventor